Village friends die after a scuffle over plastic bottle

At least two people have reportedly died in a fight over a plastic bottle of water in Budi County, Eastern Equatoria state.

Two villagers reportedly argued over the custody of the plastic container after each of them claimed ownership.

The argument between the two friends turned into a scuffle and eventually led into a shooting incident.

Arkanjelo Lokolimoi, Administrator of Loriyok said the incident happened in Loriyok Payam on Sunday at 8PM.

“They started quarrelling over a 3 litres container of water; the other one said it is his and other said it is his, and from there the other one shot his friend dead…from there the community came and killed him too,” he narrated.

The two dead young men have been identified as Lokoringole Lopepe, 28,  and Lobale Lokoriamoi, 25.

Mr. Lokolimoi cautioned the locals against taking their law into their own hands.