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Vaccination of 150,000 animals begin in Twic County

Vaccination of 150,000 animals begin in Twic County
Health health worker vaccinated cattle in South Sudan

The vaccination exercise of nearly 200,000 livestock has begun in Twic County of Warrap state.

The animals are being treated against contagious bovine pleuropneumonia, anthrax, hemorrhagic septicemia, and black quarter diseases.

In August, the area reported the death of cows due to a suspected anthrax infection in Panyok and Akoc Payams. The disease was also reported in cattle camps such as Wun Akoc, Atar, and others in July.

Ayuel Kur Mayar, Director of Animal Resources Department in Twic County said the vaccines will be administered to 150,000 cattle in Wunrok, Turalei and Aweng Payams.

“We started today and it will continue for 14 days or 2 weeks,” he stated.

Mr. Kur mentioned that the exercise will take place in the three centers set up in Mayen Abun, Turlaei Athonyic area and Mayom Anyuon in Aweng Payam.

“We will not spend more day in these centers. If they are more cattle then it will be 4 days and we will move to other centers.”

In order to vaccinate one cow, the owner is asked to pay 100 South Sudanese Pounds.

Kuot Ngong, a cattle keeper expressed joy after his cattle were vaccinated.

“This 100 ssp per cow is not more like drugs in the market, because the drugs for livestock are expensive,” he said.

Ngong urged other cattle keepers to urgently take their animals for vaccination to protect their animals against contagious diseases.

“Your cow is expensive than 100 ssp that is being asked. If you do not pay it then your cattle will die from diseases and you loose your wealth.

More than 3,000 cattle were vaccinated against Hemorrhagic septicemia and anthrax diseases that was detected in Akoc Payam  last month.

Ayuel Kur Mayar said there are plans to establish another vaccination center along the boundaries of Twic and Gogrial West and Majok Noon.

He, however, stated that they are facing difficulties in accessing Pannyok, Ajak Kuac and Akoc Payams due to bad roads and floods.