UNMISS hands over Kareer peace center

The Ministry for Local government and Law Enforcement Agency in Lakes State says it will soon a police unit to Kareer as its contribution to the Kareer peace center.

Located in Yirol East County and bordering Panyijaar County of Unity State, Kareer is one of the border peace centers that was proposed to be established as a peace center for Yirol East and Panyijaar communities.

The development came after several incidents of cattle raids and revenge attacks between the two neighboring communities.

The center will be used to promote cattle business among the neighboring communities as well as a venue for addressing issues related to cattle raiding.

The UN mission handed it over to local authorities last Saturday in the ceremony attended by Chol Kuot-wel, state minister for Local Government; and Beny Matur, minister for Peacebuilding.

The delegates from Panyijaar, who witnessed the handing over of the center, included Mun Machiek, executive chief of Panyijaar; and Majok Biel, border chief.

According to Rumbek agreement held in March 2023, both Lakes and Unity states are required to provide 15-strong police force each as part of the border security.

“Once the Unity State government provides its police personnel, we will immediately form a joint border court to oversee cases related to cattle theft, cattle raiding and other related crimes. This will be achieved this month as we expect it to happen,” Kuot-wel told Mingkaman on Monday.

Several phone calls to Unity State Minister for information, David Gai Jejor, went unanswered.

Commenting on the benefit of the established police state, Sultan Thon Nyuoth, head chief for Shambe Boma that hosts the peace center, said the availability of the police station in the area will help them in combating crimes.