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Unity State returns 40 raided cattle from Yirol East

Unity State returns 40 raided cattle from Yirol East
Cattle in South Sudan | Credit | Courtesy

Authorities in Yirol East County have received at least 40 cows, including seven prestige bulls returned on Saturday by Panijier County of Unity State.

Official says the cattle are among over eighty livestock raided in April at Nyigulgut Cattle Camp, Yirol East and suspected believe to be armed raiders from Unity state.

Hon. Manyang Luk Lueth is the Commissioner for Yirol East County. He commended the effort of Unity state authority for collected the raided cattle but he is calling for the return of 39 remaining cows.

Luk appealed for justice to account for the perpetrators to minimize such incidences.

“On Saturday, I received 40 cows raided last month at the border between Lakes and Unity. As a government, we are working hand in hand to end crimes and killing at the borders. Our motto is to protect civilians and their properties, and our cooperation shows that raiders were brought to book as one government of South Sudan,”Luk said.

The paramount chief of Rumbek East county, Awet Majak Malok, who owns two prestige bulls among the recovered cattle, appreciated the effective coordination the two states which he described as “a gesture for peace.”

“I am happy for the good news that the authorities returned the cattle to Unity State. I heard that cattle are now on their way to Rumbek headquarters to be handed over by the governor to rightful owners. I thank the authorities who facilitate the return of my cattle,” he said.

The authority in Unity state can’t be reached immediately for comment due to the lack of a mobile phone network in Panyijiar county.

In April this year, suspected armed raiders from Panijier County in Unity stormed Nyigulgut cattle camp, killing three people, injuring two, and raiding 83 cattle.