Unity state executes 3 men by firing squad over killing of Mayom Commissioner

Three individuals believed to be allied to the SSPM/SSPA under renegade General Stephen Buy have been summarily executed in a firing squad in Unity state.

In a widely condemned video circulating on social media, 8 soldiers are seen lining up and shooting at three young men sitting down with hoods placed over their heads, and hands tied behind their backs.

The execution reportedly happened in Kaikang area – north of Mayom County’s headquarters.

The victims are alleged to be behind last month’s killing of Mayom County Commissioner.

Commissioner James Chuol Gatluak Manime was reportedly burnt in his house in Mayom town during the 2AM surprise attack on July 22.

Those executed were reportedly arrested in Sudan on August 6, 2022.

The South Sudan People Movement identified the three individuals as officers within its rebel movement. It alleged that after the execution, the suspects were thrown into a hut and burnt.

“The SSPM/A officers who were arrested by Sudan Rapid Support Forces (SRF) and handed over to the governor of Unity state were summarily executed by burning them to death by governor of Unity state and Lt. General Thoi Chany, the SSPDF Assistant Chief of General staff without due process of law,” Luke Gattiek Gai, SSPM/A Press Secretary confirmed.

Stephen Buay’s group condemned the arbitrary killing of the three officers.

“The SSPM/A leadership asks the UN and other human rights organizations to condemn and investigate this cowardly and inhumane act done by the governor of Unity state,” it said in a press statement.

A statement on the Facebook page of Unity State Governor, Joseph Monytuil only confirmed the arrest of the three individuals.

“Based on the directives of the Governor Lt Gen Dr. Joseph Monytuil Wejang to gallant forces at parade in Kai-kang Military Barrack on 5th August 2022 to carryout counter insurgency operation against the armed criminals loyal to Stephen Buay Rolnyang, and that successfully resulted into capturing of notorious assailants at their concealment position at the border between South Sudan and Sudan on 6th August 2022,” the post read.

The execution of the three young men has widely been condemn by South Sudanese online.

They said the killing amounts to gross human rights violation by the government and a denial of due judicial process for any accused person.

According to the constitution, an accused person is presumed to be innocent until his or her guilt is proved according to the law.

It further states, any accused person has the right to defend himself or herself in person or through a lawyer of his or her own choice or to have legal aid assigned to him or her by the government where he or she cannot afford a lawyer to defend him or her in any serious offence.

The law also says no death penalty shall be imposed, save as punishment for extremely serious offences in accordance with the law.