Unity State activists initiates social media campaign to eradicate hate speech

The Civil Society group in Unity State launched a week-long social media campaign to counter hate speech for peace and amplify free hate speech society.

This move come following recent violence in Leer County that killed dozens of civilians include one aid worker from Medicine San Frontiers (MSF)

The violence has left many homeless and widespread destruction of medical facilities that has severely affecting access to healthcare, said MSF.

Activist has called on political leaders, MPs, CSOs, religious groups, students, humanitarian workers, traders, and everyone in Unity State to post peace messages on social.

Unity State Activists Network (USAN), a consortium of six Civil Society organizations, says it wants to see youth engaging in hate speech change their minds and promote peace.

Mr. Thor Youanes is the Secretary-General of USAN. He says the one-week campaign from 20th – 26th April 2022.


“We urged all Unity State citizens to share the peace messages on their social media. Let’s stand in solidarity with our children, brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers affected by the conflict in Leer and other places in State.

Younes says everyone has a role to play to save at least one life by reaching out with peace messages through their social media campaign.

“As we declare our solidarity for the victims these days, we reiterate our commitment to achieve a just and peaceful society.”

Last week, President Salva Kiir Mayardit formed seven members committee to investigate the fighting that erupted in Leer, Unity State.

A report by peace Tech Lab suggested that hate speech in South Sudan and from the diaspora has contributed to further violence since the outbreak of the 2013 conflict.