Union formed to address livestock-related issues in NBG

A pastoralist union has been established to address livestock issues in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state.

The new union is made up of 7 members selected from the Counties of Aweil East, Aweil West, Aweil South, Aweil North, and the centre.

It will tackle issues like livestock disease and production. The state Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries said the union will be the link between the government and livestock keepers

“We did this so that we can have people who will be connecting us with the cattle keepers, especially when there is disease outbreak. We want to go for the vaccination campaign – this has been our challenge since, but we hope this union is going to help us,” said Samuel Ajiing Uguak, Animals Resource Health Director.

The chairperson of the pastoralists union, Riiny Dau Marach told Akol Yam radio that “I am excited and very ready to work with the ministry to handle most of the issues that were not being communicated to the ministry since there was no one to do that.”

Last month, the state ministry and partners vaccinated over 400,000 livestock to prevent the spread of anthrax, foot and mouth diseases, among others.