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UN launches a 9 Million dollars project to support the Aweil rice scheme

UN launches a 9 Million dollars project to support the Aweil rice scheme
Sara Beyoslow left, Saida Paru FAO head Aweil field office, Minister of Agriculture Anei Deng right wearing black cap, Photo Credit- Akol Yam 91. FM journalist.

A high-level delegation of donors and UN agencies launch a 9 million US dollars project to support the Aweil rice scheme in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state.


Official says the project will be implemented by UN food and agriculture organization FAO in collaboration with the state ministry of agriculture to rehabilitate the rice scheme. The project is expected to bring the Aweil rice scheme to its full operation for one year.


Sara Beysolow Nyanti is the deputy UN special representative to the Secretary-General in South Sudan. She says the project is to rehabilitate the rice scheme to buy tractors for large-scale cultivation and rice processing equipment.


“So I came with a team of people representing donors, banks, UN agencies, to demonstrate the partnership is an important one and to ensure the work you have done, in keeping the peace in Aweil, can pay off in a way where we can start to do some concrete actions around development where possible.”


Beysolow says the partners depend on the community to community, women, men and young people to say they want development and also take the lead to demand their rights and access to development programming.


She says this is a results from the Aweil community initiative for sustaining peace in the state and building a partnership with many agencies to undertake developmental activities.


The governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal Hon. Tong Akeen Ngor thanks the partners for working alongside the government to implement the revitalized peace agreement signed in 2018.


He says his government will support the Aweil rice scheme’s rehabilitation project to ensure it achieves the desired goals.


Aweil rice scheme is eleven thousand fedans. It can boost local food production when it is fully used.