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Two young men die in Twic road accident, three others sustain injuries

Two young men die in Twic road accident, three others sustain injuries
Mother Teresa Hospital where the injured are receiving treatment | Credit | Courtesy

A road accident has claimed two lives of teenage boys at Gomgoi village in Twic County, Warrap State, police have said.

They said the incident occurred when on Monday a speeding boda-boda crashed, killing both the rider and the passenger on Mayen Abun-Wunrok road.

“By the time they were going back to their residence, they were riding on a high speed,” Sgt Angelo Makuac, traffic officer in charge of road accidents  in Twic County, told Mayardit FM.

Angelo identified them as Kiir Kiir Akot, 18; and Mangong Akech Deng, age 19.  Their bodies were found lying on the road on Tuesday morning, he stated.

In a separate incident, Makuac said three people sustained severe injuries yesterday when the motorcycle they were riding on collided with a military pickup along Mother Teresa Hospital road in Turalei town.

He identified the injured as Machot Mayiik Yach, 20; Ayuel Thiang Thiang, 19; and Chol Bol Chol, 20. They are receiving treatments for the injuries at Mother Teresa Hospital in Turalei town.

“The three got injured when the speeding boda-boda operator was coming out from a corner, making the rider unable to stop the motorcycle,” he said.

There have been several reports of deadly road accidents in Twic County of late. In April, a similar accident claimed life of a driver in Aweng Payam.