Two young men die in Twic road accident, three others sustain injuries

A road accident has claimed two lives of teenage boys at Gomgoi village in Twic County, Warrap State, police have said.

They said the incident occurred when on Monday a speeding boda-boda crashed, killing both the rider and the passenger on Mayen Abun-Wunrok road.

“By the time they were going back to their residence, they were riding on a high speed,” Sgt Angelo Makuac, traffic officer in charge of road accidents  in Twic County, told Mayardit FM.

Angelo identified them as Kiir Kiir Akot, 18; and Mangong Akech Deng, age 19.  Their bodies were found lying on the road on Tuesday morning, he stated.

In a separate incident, Makuac said three people sustained severe injuries yesterday when the motorcycle they were riding on collided with a military pickup along Mother Teresa Hospital road in Turalei town.

He identified the injured as Machot Mayiik Yach, 20; Ayuel Thiang Thiang, 19; and Chol Bol Chol, 20. They are receiving treatments for the injuries at Mother Teresa Hospital in Turalei town.

“The three got injured when the speeding boda-boda operator was coming out from a corner, making the rider unable to stop the motorcycle,” he said.

There have been several reports of deadly road accidents in Twic County of late. In April, a similar accident claimed life of a driver in Aweng Payam.