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Two suspected animal thieves arrested in Tonj North

Two suspected animal thieves arrested in Tonj North

The police in Tonj North say they are holding two men accused of stealing cattle in the county.

They identified them as Ayei Mayuong and Kuol Ariik Thiep, aged 23 and 24, respectively.

The two were found at midnight driving two cows permit – a document that allows herders to move from place to place with cows for sale.

“The two suspects were moving with the cows; and when stopped, they could not present any permit,” said Corporal James Monydhar a CID officer in the county.

The men, who are believed to have stolen the animals from Alabek Payam, are currently in police custody, awaiting investigation.

In 2022, authorities in Warrap issued an order seeking an authorization for any herder to transport their animals outside the county in an attempt to curb cattle theft