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Two killed in Tonj South cattle raid

Two killed in Tonj South cattle raid
An armed cattle keeper in a Tonj county, Warrap State. Cattle are said to be a major cause of conflict among pastoralist communities in South Sudan | Credit | Courtesy

At least two people are reported killed and two others injured in an attempted cattle raid in Tonj South County, Warrap State.

The incident occurred in Mayang Ngok Payam on Tuesday.

Tonj South County Police Inspector 2nd Lt. David Bol Manguang says that the raiders attempted to raid cattle in grazing land but the cattle keepers repulsed them.

” They saw cattle grazing in the farms and immediately decided to drive them off when the herders defended their cattle,” he told Mayardit FM.

Bol stated that one of the deceased was among the raiders the armed youth repulsed.

The police officer, who could not name the victims, accused some armed youth from neighboring Cueibet County in Lakes State of being behind the cattle raid.

However, Mayardit FM’s attempt to reach authorities in Cueibet County for comment was not immediately successful.

In early December, a police officer was killed in a similar incident in Akucieng Boma.