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Two incidents left 11 dead and 6 wounded in Duk county, Jonglei

Two incidents left 11 dead and 6 wounded in Duk county, Jonglei
Soldiers on Juba-Nimule highway in 2021. Credit//Emma Okot

At least 11 people have reportedly been killed and 6 others wounded in two separate road attacks in Duk county, Jonglei state on Thursday.

In a statement issued on Friday, Jonglei State governor Denay Jock Chagor accused the youth of Greater Pibor Administrative Area of carrying out attack on a police vehicle that was escorting the trucks to Gadiang town of Duk county.

“The government of Jonglei is saddened to learned two concurrent ambushes on its citizens by criminals from Greater Pibor Administrative area (GPAA) between Bor and Gadiang in ‘Larken’ killing Seven (7) people and Two (2) more wounded. Another ambush between Gadiang and Yuai in ‘Luor Biel-Deng’ killing four (4) and wounded four (4) people,” Chagor wrote.

Chagor condemned the attack while calling on national government to advise Pibor Administrative Area to stop its youth from attacking Jonglei state.

“With this, the government of Jonglei state is calling on authority of GPAA to engage the youth to halt the deliberate attacks on innocent civilians. We further urge the national government to advise GPAA to further engage their youth so that such atrocities are stopped,” Chagor said.

On his part, the information minister of Greater Pibor Administrative Area, Abraham Kelang Jiji denied the allegation made by Jonglei state governor saying the attackers are from his area.

“Sincerely, we are not sure that these are Murle Youth,” Kelang said.

“Are there evidence confirming that these are Murle Youth. There were soldiers in a car that was attacked. Were there some youth shot and captured to confirm these are Murle?” he paused.

Kelang said this is not the first time that Jonglei state is accusing is area of attack. The minister asks Jonglei state government to present evidence showing Murle youth’s responsibility in the attacks.

“Why every time there is an attack, they say it’s Murle? If the government of Jonglei has enough information that these are Murle youth, let them give us the details so that we can know as the government,” kelang stated.