Two headteachers killed by gunmen in Ikwoto

Police have reported the killing of two teachers by unknown gunmen in Ikwoto County of Eastern Equatoria state on Saturday.

The deceased were primary school headteachers.

They were reportedly killed at 6AM in Lohila village while walking to Ikwoto Education Head office to pick up Primary Leaving Examination Certificates for their pupils.

Police have identified the deceased as Daniel Lodua and George Limeri from Lohilla and Lofusa primary schools.

“They were attacked and killed by armed people. Eyewitnesses – a man and lady who escaped death informed us that these people [attackers] were very many – around 20, and they are civilians” said Sergeant Major Akom Arop, Inspector of Police in Ikwoto County.

He said investigations are ongoing to identify the killers of the two teachers.

Sergeant Major Arop urged the public to refrain from any act of criminality and instead help police maintain law and order in Ikwoto.

Ikwoto County Commissioner, Joseph Lokolong alleged that they traced the footmarks of the killers towards greater Kidepo valley.

“The incident happened in Tseretenya. I think the raiders came actually tried to go and raid cattle in this side of Lohuto but they failed to get the cattle, so they met the teachers who were trying to come to Ikwoto,” he narrated.

There have been incidents of insecurity in Ikwoto over the last two months.

On July 13, unknown criminals torched three houses in Lorema village of Tanama Boma. Two people died and another was wounded during the incident.

Prior to that, the home of the Boma Chief was also burnt to the ground by unknown arsonists.

The state government later deployed forces in the County to restore calm and also investigate the causes of insecurities.