Two girls die from snakebites, lack of antivenom in Tonj North

Health authorities have registered new deaths of children due to snake bites in Tonj North, Warrap state.

This increasing number of snakebites has now reached 32.

Residents say poisonous snakes are now common due to floods that have the grasslands – allowing snakes to flood into populated areas.

Dech Akot Dech, Director of the County Health Department told Mayardit FM that the deceased are two young girls aged 12 and 13.

He stated that they used antibiotics to treat snakebites due to lack of anti- venom in the health facilities.

He encouraged the public to minimize movements during the dark hours to minimize incidents of snakebites.

“Let us try to avoid night movements because snake is also trying to move at night.”

Last month, Pannyok Payam health officials reported 7 cases of snakebites with no fatalities.