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Two children die from lack of medicines at a Tonj East hospital

Two children die from lack of medicines at a Tonj East hospital
A Marial Lou Hospital block | Credit | Courtesy

Two children have reportedly died due to lack of medicines at Marial Lou Hospital in Tonj East County, Warrap State.

According to the hospital clerk, the children – aged f4 and 14 – were admitted recently at the hospital with severe malaria cases, but due to insufficient drugs, the hospital was unable to provide proper medication.

Ahpino Aguek Marchar said the hospital has not had drugs since June 2023.

He says the hospital has also recorded seven cases of miscarriages among expectant mothers which the hospital said it failed to control due lack of drugs.

“So, patients are really suffering; they visit the hospital but no help from the health facility because of lack of drugs,” Aguek told Mayardit FM on Monday.

He disclosed that cases of malaria and pneumonia have increased among the children, and urged the ministry of health in the state to supply Marial Lou hospital with drugs.

“It is not easy for some people to get money on time and buy, so the Ministry of health in Warrap State can response to our call and bring the medicines to help the community,” Aguek stated.

In response, the Minister of Health, Dr. Barac Malith Atem, said they were working to ensure the hospital receive medicines as soon as possible.

“Yes, people are really suffering, buyING drugs at the private clinics. It is not easy for some people who are jobless to do so. So, very soon supplies will go to  Marial Lou hospital,” Malith added.

Shortage of drugs has also been reported in Peth Awan PHUC in Gogrial West County.