Two boys die gathering wild fruits in Warrap

Two young boys were on Monday found dead under a tree at Akoc Payam of Twic County in Warrap State, the police have said.

The police inspector in Akoc, Sgt Atem Ajak, identified them as Awek Makuac, 12; and Akec Deng, 10. He believed that they fell off a tree while collecting wild fruits, particularly those of jujube and tamarind.

“The boys were found by passers-by seriously bleeding from their necks under the trees at evening hours. And unfortunately, they died before medical attention,” Sgt Ajak told Mayardit FM.

He went on to appeal to parents to take good care of their children to avoid similar accidents.

“Let’s all of us meet the needs of our children such that they cannot go climbing trees. If there is need of collection of fruits, adults should be in a position to do that work,” Sgt Ajak added.

Every year between December and January is the season for some wild fruits to be harvested. But those who intend to eat them are often advised against climbing small branches.