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Two boda-boda riders die in separate accidents in Warrap

Two boda-boda riders die in separate accidents in Warrap

At least two Bodaboda riders are reported dead in separate head-on-collision accidents in Kuajok town and Tonj East County of Warrap state over the weekend.

According to the traffic police, the first incident happened on Saturday at Abie village in Kuajok, while the second road incident happened on Sunday in Tonj East headquarters.

Colonel James Wol Tong said both victims died on the spot while two passengers survived. He attributed the accidents to reckless riding.

“It is very important for everybody who is driver to have license, this license of driving is important because traffic police will advise you about when you are driving in congested places, it can guide drivers of vehicles or motorbikes,” Col. Wol stated.

According to police records, 16 road accidents have been recorded with 7 deaths between the months of May and June in Warrap state.