Twic police find corpse in river, bury it

Police in Twic County say they have buried a body of an unidentified man they found floating in a river at Malek Adiany village on Thursday morning.

They say the man, who must have been killed somewhere and dumped in Kajak river, died of gunshot wounds.

The deceased was shot eight times, according to 1st. Lt. Michael Magar Ring, police crime officer in Twic.

Magar told Mayardit FM that he was in white shirt and shorts with Jamaican flag print.

An eyewitness, whom we could not name due to possible reprisal, says he saw some men dragging a corpse adjacent to the crime scene.

“I saw three people – one person was in military uniform. They stopped me and ordered me to turn back or they would shoot me,” the eyewitness recalled.

He said men rode off on a motorbike and returned at around 2am and “dragged the body into the river”.

It is not clear why the police authorities buried the body of the unidentified decedent. However, the area lacks mortuary.

The clothes and pictures of the deceased are being kept at the police station for identification.