Twic, Ngok Dinka areas witness calm after deadly clashes

Tensions have greatly reduced over the last eleven days between the two warring communities of Twic and Ngok Dinka, a senior officer has said.

This is owed to the recent deployment of the South Sudan Defense Forces (SSPDF) in the areas of Madou, Akur Riang, Kol Luoth, among other places.

In May this year, repeated clashes between armed youths from Twic and Ngok Dinka reportedly led to the death of 8 people on both sides.

The head of the deployment force, General Gabriel Chol Madol said they have observed relative calm since their arrival. He applauded the two communities for exercising restraint.

“This is the meaning for being a true citizen; a true citizen is a person who loves the lives of the countrymen,” General Chol asserted. “If you continue with this respect, you will get time for cultivation and time for unity among the two communities.”

The General Chol further urged the youth to refrain from any provocative actions which may lead to renewed clashes.

Meanwhile, residents of Abyei and Twic areas who spoke to Mayardit FM appreciated the presence of SSPDF in the conflict areas.

“We are moving freely now in our village without any fear compared to previous weeks where people were staying in fear,” said Deng Garang Mayom, a resident of Nyalou village. “I am praying that this peace continues within us.”

Nyaluak Kuol Deng, a resident of Akech Nhial village said she has begun to tilt her land following the silencing of guns. She added that the weeks before the deployment of the army were chaotic and traumatic.

“I didn’t know that I was going to rest my eyes because of fear but now, I can sleep, wake up and go to my farm to clear my land,”Nyaluak stated.

She added that the restoration of security in the areas affected by the conflict is an indication that the “forces are doing their work. And I am telling my children (youth) that enough is enough. Please let calm continue.”

Last month, the government deployed a joint force in the hot spots between Twic and Abyei to contain the security situation that was worsening due to armed clashes between the two communities.