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Twic mourns pioneer Catholic bishop

Twic mourns pioneer Catholic bishop
Bishop of EL Obeid, His Lordship Macram Max Gassis | Credit | Courtesy

Twic County in Warrap State has declared three days to mourn the death of the Bishop Emeritus of EL Obeid, His Lordship Macram Max Gassis.

Bishop Emeritus Macram, the first Catholic Bishop of El Obeid Diocese in Sudan, passed on on Sunday in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA, after suffering poor health “for many months”. He was aged 84.

The cause of bishop’s death remains unclear but late Macram had been battling with cancer and diabetes for many months, according to the Catholic Church in Twic.

In a statement shared with ACI Africa, officials say “No real details yet” but he was found dead in the bathroom.

Twic Executive Director John Mabior Marup says schools and government offices will resume work on Thursday this week.

He said the ate Bishop started his work in Twic in 1998 by opening seven primary and three secondary schools and some churches in Twic County.

“He opened the ‘under tree schools’ which were later built; he also opened churches and schools in Wunrok, Turalei, and Panlit among others,” Mabior said. “That is why we dedicated these days to mourn our hero,”

Bishop was born in September 1938 in Khartoum and ordained a Priest in June 1964 in Rome, Italy.

Bishop Gassis established his headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, serving as the voice of the people of the Nuba Mountains and South Sudan, and raising funds to build schools, hospitals, roads and wells.