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Twic East singers donate seedlings to county gov’t

Twic East singers donate seedlings to county gov’t
Members of the Union of Artists for Twic East County hand over seedlings to county authorities in Panyagor on Thursday, April 20, 2023 | Credit | Courtesy

The Union of Artists for Twic East County in Jonglei State has donated 600 seedlings of various trees to their county as afforestation response to replace trees that withered during three year flood.

The seedlings include mango, lemon, and jackfruit – which will be shared equally among five payams, with each getting 120.

Bol Deng Arok, also known by his stage name as Bol Panan, says the seedlings cost 2 million Pounds – an amount that he said they generated through personal contribution and concerts they held recently.

“When person dies, the best option that the people that remain do is to produce children for the dead person. But for trees, you plant another tree to replace the old one,” Bol Panan told Mingkaman FM on Thursday.

Like many other counties in the flood-prone areas in South Sudan, Twic East County is entirely devastated by floods, which have destroyed trees there over the years.

He advised the county authorities to protect the seedlings as they grow.

In Kongor, photos circulated on social media, showing people embarking on the planting of the seedlings in the payam headquarters, Pawel.