Twic East mobilizes youth to protect travelers

The commissioner of Twic East County in Jonglei State has promised to beef up security on the Wernyol-Poktap road following attack that claimed two lives and left three others injured last week.

The incident briefly paralyzed movements between Duk and Twic East before local youth and integrated security forces responded this Monday.

“We have mobilized the local youth to join the integrated community that include police, wildlife and prison to help provide security along the way and within the area,” Jacob Chol said.

Since the beginning of this year, there are over ten incidents that involved killing and abduction on Wernyol-Poktap road.

The local youth and the security force will continue providing escort to the people that move on that road to avoid further attacks.

“This will continue until we are sure that there is no more security threat in the area,” the commissioner added.