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Twic County men lure friend into forest, shoot him dead

Twic County men lure friend into forest, shoot him dead
Twic County, Warrap State | Credit | Courtesy

A young man was killed by unidentified gunman in Twic County,  Warrap State, on Saturday, police have said.

The deceased has been identified as Atem Malok Malek, age 21.

Twic County police director says the deceased was picked up by his two colleagues from the house in Mayen Abun so that they could go to the forest to gather some herbs.

However, Brig.-Gen Marko Mawien Madut says it is not yet clear if the deceased could have been killed by those claimed to have picked him from his home.

He says the body of the deceased was found by a man who had heard a sound of gunshot not so far far from where he was burning charcoal.

“He said he saw the three people fighting and immediately heard sound of the gun. When he walked over to see what was happening, two men ran off from the scene,” Mawien explained, adding that the unnamed eyewitness could not identify the two men because it was dark.

He further said that they were investigating the incident to track down the culprits.