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Twic and Abyei government calls on youth to cease ongoing hostilities

Twic and Abyei government calls on youth to cease ongoing hostilities
Google Map of Twic county in Warrap State and Abyei Administrative Area

Authority in Twic and Abyei Administrative area have called on youth from both sides to stop violence and allow the facts finding committee bring solution to the territorial dispute.

This called came after renewed clashes between youth from Abyei caused destruction of prosperities and loss of 8 people from side and 11 people injured in the recent violence.

Official says three villages of Athony, Rec-Ayen, Juoljok, and Kadhian where clashes took place were set a blazed.

Joseph Taban Agany is the acting commissioner of Twic County. He called youth from both side to immediately ceased the confrontation between the two communities of Twic and Ngok Dinka.

 “I’m calling on the youth from both communities to respect the agreement and ceased the retaliation”, said Joseph Taban.

He urge youth to respect the agreement that was reached in Aweil, Northern Bahr el Ghazal and signed by both side to ceased hostilities and allow the government to find amicable solution to the issue.

Hon. Ajak Deng Miyen is the Abyei information Director . He called on the national government to expedited the deployment of forces in order to contain the security situation.

“We heard that deployment of the new forces will take place. This is what we want the government to do quickly. Otherwise, the force that was deployed didn’t show the neutrality. So, we need to respect that the agreement signed,” said Ajak Deng.

Deng advised youth not to dwell on conflict saying it doesn’t solve the claim but dialogue between the communities is the only solution, he stressed.

Earlier this week, the fact finding committee order the house arrest of four government officials accused of inciting violent between Twic and Abyei and condemned the renewed conflict between youth of Twic and Abyei administrative area.