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Twic and Abyei civil society groups meet in Wau to end Aneet/Agok conflict

Twic and Abyei civil society groups meet in Wau to end Aneet/Agok conflict
Twic-Abyei civil society groups, chiefs, youth, women meet in Wau for the peace conference on October 28, 2022.

A conference of civil society groups from Twic and Abyei communities has begun in Wau town, Western Bahr el Ghazal state.

The conference seeks to push for the cessation of hostilities between the Ngok and the Twic communities fighting for control of a border town between Warrap state and Abyei Administrative Area.

Violent hostilities between the two neighboring communities begun in February this year over the ownership of land and a commercial center in Anet/Amiet area.

Dozens of people have so far been killed and hundreds have been displaced.

The peace conference in Wau is being attended by representatives of the women groups, religious groups, chiefs, and youths.

It is organized by the International Organization for Immigration (IOM) and Concordis organizations.

Benjamin Moore, an official of the IOM said the conference should develop mechanism for achieve lasting peace between the two sisterly communities.

“We are not here to solve causes of your conflict but create how you can address it in peaceful means. Let us make use of these days for bringing peace back home and it is you that have come here that will make realize peace among the communities,” he told the peace delegates.

The peace conference will take three days.

Mr. Moore called for an end to violent conflicts between armed youths from the two communities.

Miyen Ayuong, a representative of the Abyei Civil Society group said an inclusive peace conference will eventually lead to restoration of peace and security between the communities.

“This is because youth [who] are the one fighting – some of them have now come. They will understand the meaning of table discussion. So, I am asking the youth to cease fighting and opt for negotiations,” he stated.

Manut Yor, a representative of the Twic Civil Society group appealed to young people to support the dialogue to bring to an end the killing and displacement caused by the conflict.

He stated that nothing can be achieved through the conflict – but devastation of the communities, adding that the end result of the conflict is dialogue.

“At the end of the day, we will come to the table. So, why not now? We have not come to say stop following your case, but it is to stop fighting and go to table and talk because through negotiations, we can get the solution,” Yor underscored.