Twic, Abyei youth clash, again

Suspected armed youth from Abyei and Twic resumed fighting in Aniet or Juljok this morning, a South Sudan People’s Defense Forces officer has said.

The commander of SSPDF Third Infantry Division, Maj. Gen Akuei Ajou Akuei, said the cause of the fighting is not yet clear.

“There is fighting going on right now in Juljok and the solution must come from two governments of Twic and Abyei to convince their armed youths,” Akuei said.

However, he told Mayardit FM that SSPDF soldiers under the command of Tiger are on the ground to stop the fighting.

“This area is controlled by the UNSIFA and our soldiers do not have access there and this is where the armed youth enter and launch the attack,” he continued.

He noted that the ongoing violence is a violation to the ceasefire agreement signed in Aweil and peace agreements reached in Wau between the two neighboring communities of Abyei and Twic Mayardit recently.

The casualties of the clashes are yet to be reported.

The series of attacks between the two communities have left nearly 150 people dead since it erupted over Aneet land dispute in February 2022.

Chiefs from the Twic and Abyei community have blamed politicians for the continued intercommunal violence between Twic and Abyei communities.