Turkey donates walking sticks to visually impaired persons

The Turkish Red Crescent mission in South Sudan has donated at least fifty-six walking canes to the Union of Visual Persons on Monday.

A white walking cane primarily allows its user to scan their surroundings for obstacles or orientation marks.

Officials say the beneficiaries of the walking sticks will be trained on how to effectively used them to aid their movements.

The sticks will be distributed by the African Indigenous Women Empowerment organization, a national NGO based in Juba.

Ms. Ruth James Kai, the Executive Director say there are over 500  people with visual impairments registered in Juba.

She commended the Turkish Red Crescent Mission for the support.

“I am here with my partners Faruk has been tirelessly supporting the people of South Sudan. Last time the women empowerment day they were here, he was with the team that supported really with the ambassador, and they made sure today again this thing is happening and is the same year that all these things are happening, so this is a big appreciation to you,” she said.

The president of the Union of the Visually Impaired Persons in Central Equatoria, Robert Ladu described the the distribution of the walking canes as a great necessity for blind persons.

“We are thankful for your support because the white can is not something that needs to be offered, but it is the right of the visually impaired persons.”

He said will enable those with sight problem to walk on their own without being aided by an escort.

Ladu also appealed to the Turkish Embassy and the Turkish Red crescent to support them with food aid “because most of them can’t afford to buy food due to skyrocketing prices in the markets.”

The Secretary in the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Juba, Sencer Kagan Senol reaffirmed the commitment of the Turkish government to support people in need in South Sudan.

“This white cane symbolizes freedom, symbolizes easiness in life, it also symbolizes that Turkish people are a bit of every step you take in your lives so these 56 white canes are hope that will help you with your everyday life.”