Turalei livestock dealers decry high auction permit fees

Cattle dealers in Twic’s Turalei in Warrap State have accused local officials of charging exorbitant amount for auction permits.

To sell a goat or cow in the area, one must pay a fee of SSP 300 and SSP 500 per goat and cow, respectively. The permit fee was introduced sometimes back in an attempt to curb stealing ad selling of stolen animals.

The maximum price for goat is SSP 7,000 and SSP 100,000 for a cow.

However, dealers say chiefs these day demand SSP 1,700 for a goat – an amount they strongly believe is unfair.

“If I had SSP 1,700, why would I want to sell my goat? Assume I sell my goat at SSP 3,000. Now do the maths. How much would I go back home with?” Asked Tor Majok.

In the area, observers and journalists say residents are facing food crisis. This has coupled with rising market prices.

To meet family needs, some livestock owners have resorted to selling some of their animals.

Nyuol Malek, a resident, says he had to sell some of his goats recently in order to buy food items for his family, a move that nearly bore no fruits due to the high permit charges.

“When I got to a chief to grant me a permit, he demanded SSP per goat. Imagine the money that I got from the goat sales was too little to buy sorghum for my children,” Malek told Mayardit FM on Monday.

When contacted, the Executive Director of Twic County – John Mabior Marup – said the county government would look into the matter next week.