Truck crushes man to death in Aweil

Traffic police in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State have arrested a truck driver for causing the death of a businessman in a road accident Ajach area on Sunday.

The deceased, Garang Lual Lual, age 25, was riding his motorbike from Aweil East County to Aweil town where he was doing mobile charging business.

The truck knocked him down, killing him instantly.

“He died on the spot. I must say this was a very terrible and the worst accident we have ever seen with our eyes,” said Marko Angou Makoor, the acting traffic police director.

Angou blamed the accident on speeding.

Marko says the driver, whose identity is yet to be made public, is in police custody awaiting to be arraigned in court, adding that “The law will take its course and see what to do with the driver.”

In June, traffic police in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State recorded 15 death cases related to careless driving.