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Truck crashes into Mingkaman house, kills baby

Truck crashes into Mingkaman house, kills baby
The iron sheet structure was house to the mother and her five children | Credit | Ayada Machok/Mingkaman FM

A truck crashed into a makeshift house in Awerial on Thursday, leaving a baby dead and injuring its brother and mother, an eyewitness has told Mingkaman FM.

Daniel Parach Abui says the incident occurred in Mingkaman town during the early morning hours of Thursday.

He identified the deceased as Ngacida Magai Maper, 7 months; her mother Nyanyiir Makoi, 32, and an unnamed brother, who sustained minor arm injury.

Nyanyiir, according to the eyewitness, suffered ‘serious” head and back injuries, for which doctors are treating her at the Mingkaman Primary Health Care Center.

“I rushed to the scene and I was the one who pulled out the injured lady and the small boy, who was cut by iron sheet in his arm,” Parach told Mingkaman FM.

The other three children were removed from the rubble unharmed.

The truck driver, whom the authorities declined to name, is a Somali national.