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Troika mourn with KajoKeji as they call for justice for the victims

Troika mourn with KajoKeji as they call for justice for the victims
Tomb of more than 2o people in KajoKeji. Courtesy

The United States, United Kingdom and the Norway (Troika) have expresses grave concern over the killing of more than 20 civilians in a deadly attack in Kajo-Keji county of Central Equatoria state.

On February 2, a day before pope arrived in Juba for peace pilgrimage, cattle herders from Jonglei state allegedly attacked Lira Payam in Kajo-Keji county and killed tens of civilians including four aid workers of Red Cross South Sudan.

In a joint statement on 6th February, the Troika embassies in Juba calls for legal action to bring the perpetrators of killing to book.

“We call on the transnational government needs to urgently identify and hold to account those responsible for these death.” the statement reads 

The statement also call for resolution of the continuous conflict between the communities and the attackers.

“Leaders need to act to address the underlying causes of this violence’s to prevent further loss of life. We call on all south Sudanese group to sole their differences peacefully.”

The United Nations mission in South Sudan had earlier call for investigation and accountability in regard to KajoKeji attacked that has clamed 27 lives.

The government has deployed forces in the area to quell the tension and in addition the state government delegation headed by Governor Emmanuel Adil is on the ground to ensure the security stabilized in the county.