Travelers plying Abyei-Amiet road told to be cautious

Travelers plying the Abyei town-Amiet road have been asked to move in convoys due to an increase in roadside ambushes.

In recent weeks, traders and other travelers have fallen victims to banditry along that route.

On Tuesday, unknown gunmen ambushed and opened fire on a commercial vehicle heading to Amiet market. Unspecified number of people sustained gunshot wounds.

“Traders who are moving on motorcycles, vehicles and even passengers walking on foot to the market need to wait till 8AM upto 9AM and only move when in groups. You need to arrange with UNISFA to escort you to your place,” said Kelek Kon Lual, Abyei Area Security Advisor.

The head of Abyei Traders Union Chol Deng Chol echoed the advise of Mr. Kon, urging to traders rally together and be vigilant.

“Traders are not part of any conflict, we are focused on supporting communities through trade….Let us transport goods without fear of insecurity,” he said.