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Traffic Police revokes order imposing fines on motorists

Traffic Police revokes order imposing fines on motorists
South Sudan Traffic Police Officer Directing the motorists in Juba.

The National Traffic Police has canceled an earlier order that imposed disciplinary against traffic rule violators in South Sudan.

On 9th February, the traffic issued directives penalize motorists with up to 50,000 SSP for those with numberless vehicles, expiry licenses, and logbooks.

South Sudan Bar Association criticized the move and threatened to petition the Ministry of Interior to the court to seek conservatory orders saying the traffic Act 2003 doesn’t authorize the directorate to legislate and implement such measures.

 Lt. Gen. Akok Noon Akok, Assistant Inspector General of traffic police, issued the revocation dated 11th February 2022.

He said his department has noticed that the public is not satisfied with measures imposed on its cancelation.

“The Traffic department has continued monitoring the public’s interactions on the various media outlets and has noticed that most people are not satisfied with these corrective measures. National Traffic Police issued this standing order canceling the aforenoted order from its signature 11th February 2022 AD, Gen. Noon stated. Gen. Noon stated.

He said the earlier directives were to reduce those violations and misconducts by the motorists on the roads.

A group of lawyers said the powers are vested in the national parliament with a set rate. The national revenue authority should do the collection.