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Traders lose 20 millions SSP in Gogrial market inferno

Traders lose 20 millions SSP in Gogrial market inferno
Ruins of the burnt down Mayom Totin market in Gogrial West | Credit | Kuch Tong Kuch

Traders lost 20 million Pounds after fire burnt down Warrap State’s Mayom Totin market on February 14, a fact-finding committee has found.

The loses — according to the results of the assessment –include goods worth 16.8 million Pounds and another 2.6 million in cash.

It says the cause of the fire at the market located in Gorial West Count is yet to be known after two suspects were freed due to lack of evidence. The accused were two women.

The committee set up by the state civil defense assessed the damages and found that the fire consumed 77 shops that had commodities such as maize flour, wheat flour, Sugar and groundnuts.

The traders were also keeping the cash in thatched shops, said Kondok Madut Alol, Warrap State Civil Defense warrant officer.

“We conducted the assessment in order to establish facts that would be be presented to the concerned authorities, including the state and national governments to provide support to the affected,” Madut said.

He advised the traders to keep their money in permanent shops or open accounts in the bank for the safety of money.