Traders in Abyei calls on youth to give peace a chance as prices rise

Abyei traders  union have called upon youth of Abyei and Twic County of Warrap State to give peace a chance and allow smooth movement of goods and services in the area.

Chol Deng Chol, chairperson of the traders union in Abyei. He said the prices of basic food commodities have increased especially the price of sorghum due to insecurity along the roads and poor harvest that can be attributed to floods and conflicts.

He said a 50 kilogram of sorghum is now being sold at fifty two thousand South Sudanese pound from thirty five thousand in June and July this year.

Chol said lasting peace between sisterly communities will give chance to traders from both side to move freely with food supply to local markets. “if there peace now between than it will be easy for to move free to get goods in other places like Amiet and Wau to bring supply to our communities, but if it ongoing like this than people will die of hunger, so I my appeal to our both side to give peace chance”

In Gogrial West County of Warrap state, sorghum is scarce. Three point seven kilogram of sorghum cost two thousands pound.

Last week, the commissioner said the floods affected population are largely surviving on wild fruits.