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Traders count losses as fire guts Pibor market

Traders count losses as fire guts Pibor market
FILE Pibor market destroyed by fire in a past incident Courtesy image

At least 36 shops in Greater Pibor Administrative Area have reportedly burned to ashes following a fire outbreak in the main market on Monday night.

According to the town council, the market caught fire when solar batteries exploded in one of the shops.

The incident started at 2AM.

John Gain, Pibor town mayor said the destruction is massive on properties and money.

“These shops had food items and money, they all got burnt. I received information that there is one call Wada Sheik who has solar in his hop. The solar exploded when they were sleeping and the curtains in his shops caught fire and moved to other shops because the shops here are built of local materials. Both walls and roofs are made of iron sheets,” he narrated.

Phillip Ngachala, the chairperson of the Chamber of Commerce in Pibor said it will be hard to compensate those whose properties have been lost to the fire.

“We are yet to record loses but there is too much loss because the money including NGOs assets and money are all in these shops,” he stated.

He believes most of the traders have lost millions of pounds which are often kept in the shops.

“We don’t have banks here. [Therefore], if you have something that got burned, don’t think you will be compensated and I want to tell shop owners, don’t worry if people properties got burn in your shops. Fire is an accident, it is not your fault. You will not compensate them,” Ngachala said.

No casualties nor injuries were recorded in the incident.