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Trader reported 1,500 counterfeit dollars to the police in Aweil

Trader reported 1,500 counterfeit dollars to the police in Aweil
The evidence and the two men suspecting of dealing in fake dollars in Juba at NSS office in Juba | Credit | The Mail

A trader in Aweil, Northern Bahr El Ghazal reported one thousand five hundred counterfeits US dollars to the police. Police says an unidentified money exchange dealer deceived a local trader with fake dollars in the market.

Last week, police arrested 11 people accused of trading in fake dollars in Aweil East County. Captain Guot Guot Akol, is the police spokesperson in NBGs. He told Akol Yam 91 FM that they are keeping the fake dollars and the search is ongoing for the suspects who cheated the local trader.

The trader declined to comment about how he was deceived but told the police that he reported fake money after hearing news about the circulation of counterfeit dollars in the market.

Guot urge traders to be more vigilant when exchanging dollars from their customers. “If you suspect someone is exchanging fake dollars, just come to the police and report the issue, create a good relations with such a person so that you take his contacts in case the dollars you exchanged are discovered to be fake,” Guot said.

He reiterated that the police is committed in fighting the issue of counterfeit dollar exchange. They are continue searching because more suspects are still at large. “As police, we are searching for more suspects, because this issue is something serious that need to be investigated according to law.”

Gout warned people to stop practicing such criminal acts.

In December last year, police arrested three South Sudanese include two males and a female with cash worth 3,100 US dollars in Aweil.

South Sudan Penal Code of 2008 prohibited fake money or owning instruments and materials to produced counterfeit is a crimes and anyone found practicing will face a jail term not less than seven years.