Tortured Lakes Chief Buoi’s family seeks justice

The family of Paramount Chief Andrew Madut Buoi, who was reportedly tortured by government soldiers in Yirol West County at the weekend, is seeking justice.

A member of a special court in Rumbek, Buoi was asked to report to a notorious military detention facility, locally known as Maburzet, where he was beaten into coma.

Though Mingkaman FM could not immediately independently verify the allegations, photographs doing rounds on the social media suggest so.

In some pictures, the over 60-year-old lies on a hospital bed unconscious, waiting to be attended to by doctors. And in some, his face appears swollen from physical assault.

The administration of Yirol Hospital, where the chief was rushed to said he had regained consciousness yesterday and would be transferred to Juba for specialized treatment.

Maker Manyuat Achuoth, a close relative to Chief Buoi, says the state government is obliged to investigate into the incident and bring to book the perpetrators.

“Sultan is a part of the Lakes State government and the same government soldiers are the ones who beat him,” Manyuat told Mingkaman FM on Monday.

“As relatives, we want the government authorities to take action to bring to book the suspected soldiers and the ones who ordered the beating.”

When contacted, the state Minister for Local Government, Chol Kuotwel Manhom, said he had given orders to Yirol West Commissioner to investigate and arrest suspects linked to the torturing of the chief.