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Torit man dies after youth threatened to kill him for ‘blocking’ rain

Torit man dies after youth threatened to kill him for ‘blocking’ rain

A 75-year-old man has died in Torit County shortly after police rescued him from angry youth who had accused him of “blocking the rain” in the rain.

According to the town mayor, Marcelo Oguwana had spiritual powers, including ability to control good and bad luck.

Recently, rain fell in the adjacent areas within the county but Labalwa Boma of Nyong payam, where he lived.

“The weather made it appear it was going to rain – that the rain wanted to come. But later on, the rain never fell,” said Mustafa Albino.

This allegedly angered the area youth, who stormed his home and dragged him to a ritual site to kill him on Thursday.

“They youth went to his house, saying the old man was the one blocking the rain,” he continued.

However, the police in the area came to his rescue. He died a day later at his house – death the mayor could not explain.

“They did not beat that old man. But he died after the youth released him,” the mayor added.

Several spiritual leaders have been killed over similar accusations in the area over the years.

Reacting to the incident, the leader of Grace Gospel Church in Torit County, Bishop Joshua Lokurudek, appealed to the youth to stop believing in such beliefs.

“No man who was created by God can bring rain in the country. We humans have no power; if we are still continuing believing in human powers, God will still punish us and we will not see rain in this country,” the church leader stated.