Tonj South rounds up ‘Young Rich Niggas’ gang group

At least thirteen suspected gang members have been detained by Tonj South police in connection with night robberies in Tonj town, Warrap state.

Police say the mostly young people have named their group as; ‘Young Rich Niggas’. It is reportedly comprised of 3 girls, and 4 soldiers, among others.

They tried robbing an old woman and a National Security Service officer on Monday night.

A police officer in Tonj South, David Bol Maguang said the suspected gang group forcefully rob people of their valuables, including money, phones, among others.

“They tried to robbed a National Security Service officer but he had to fight them till they injured him. A vehicle driving by is the one that rescued him. The victims of the attacks have been hospitalized. The NSS officer went with the police to the suspects homes and they were found and arrested,” he narrated.

Officer Bol added that investigations reveal that the young people came to Tonj from Wau, Aweil, and greater Tonj towns. They reportedly have connections with gang groups in Juba. Their leaders are reportedly living in Wau and Juba.

He said the suspects will be arraigned in court.