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Tonj South man injured, trying to free father from jail

Tonj South man injured, trying to free father from jail

A man is recuperating at Tonj Civil Hospital after he was shot and injured while trying to help his father escape from a police cell in Tonj South, Warrap State, on Tuesday.

Ngong Chan was recently placed under police custody after he failed to present a cow as a contribution for blood compensation. His cousin had earlier killed somebody and they all had to contribute cows in accordance with customary law.

“His son came to jail unhappy, asking why his father was detained and immediately attempted break open the door. A soldier tried to shoot into the ground to frighten him, but a bullet bounced hitting him in the stomach,” said 2nd Lt. David Bol, police officer.

He identified the victim as Madhal Ngong, 28. He was unarmed during the incident. Both Madhal and his father Ngong are farmers in Manyang Ngok Payam, where the incident occurred.

“The victim is in hospital for treatment and the suspects are detained in SSPDF military unit in Tonj town,” Bol explained, adding that their detention is to protect them against possible revenge attack.

The police officer, who declined to disclose names of the soldiers, appealed to Madhal’s relatives to remain calm and allow the law to take its course.