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Commissioner of Tonj South suspended for allegedly shooting a police officer

Commissioner of Tonj South suspended for allegedly shooting a police officer
Hon. Agor Malang Agor, the Commission of Tonj South who was suspended from duty.

The commissioner of Tonj South County in Warrap state is suspended, accused of shooting and wounding a civilian last week in Tonj. Hon. Agor Malong Agor, the commissioner of Tonj, was involved in the shooting on Friday evening at Lakhan Hotel in Tonj town.

The incident happened at around 9 pm local time following disagreement. Authority said the person was shot in the chest, stomach, and leg and airlifted to Juba for better medical attention.

The governor of Warrap State issued the order on May 28, 2022, lifting the immunity of the commissioner and subsequently suspended him from office indefinitely.

“This notifies you that your immunity and duties as commissioner of Tonj South, Warrap State is lifted and suspended, respectively, state the order.

He also directed the police and attorney to take legal measures against Mr. Agor Malong for the alleged incident that left Mr. John Lemon wounded.

Hon. Agor Malong is also asked to seek legal counsel to defend himself against the accusation before the court. Hon. Ring Deng, the state minister of information, says the commissioner has been detained, continuing the investigation.

He said the circumstances that led to the shoot-out remain unclear. He appealed to the family members to allow the government to investigate the matter.

”Mistake is common, and Commissioner is a human being; nobody is above the law. He will go to court after the investigation. We don’t want to put the law in our hands”.

This year, the Warrap government launched a peaceful disarmament exercise in greater Tonj to remove firearms from the hands of youth in the state.
The commissioner is yet to respond to the allegations; however, Mayardit FM’s attempt to reach him was unsuccessful.