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Tonj: Raiders drive off 240 heads of cattle

Tonj: Raiders drive off 240 heads of cattle
An armed herder tends to cattle in unidentified place in South Sudan | Credit | Courtesy

Unidentified rustlers drove off 240 heads of cattle in Tonj South, Warrap State, at the weekend, according to the area inspector of police.

2nd Lt David Bol said the incident occurred at Thoucok grazing land on Friday afternoon.

He stated that the raiders fled with the animals towards  Cueibet County of Lakes state.

The police officer explained that the herders were not armed during the attack thus they could not defend themselves and their cattle.

“The civilians in Tonj South were disarmed last year. So, the raiders found those tending to the cattle with sticks,” Bol told Mayardit FM on Monday. “The herders ran away and the raiders took the animals without resistance.”

In response, Lakes State Minster of Information, William Koji, confirmed that some armed men raided cattle in Warrap State.

He, however, said 15 cows have been recovered and one suspect apprehended by organized forces.

Koji added that the state government will  detain anyone who shows up with raided cattle.