Tonj North IDPs sleeping in the open, no food

Hundreds of people displaced by recent violence in Tonj North are in dire need of humanitarian assistance in Warrap state, authorities have said.

They were forced to flee their homes in Tiokic, Marick, and Padiang following clashes between armed civilians and soldiers in Rual-bet Payam. Some have sought shelter in Tonj East County.

County Commissioner Deng Kok Chan said the IDPs lack access to basic needs like food and shelter.

He told Mayardit FM that nearly 4,000 women, children and the elderly are sleeping in the open.

“There is hunger facing the IDPs and those who are in their homes…they came with empty hands and no clothes,” he reported.

The Coordinator of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Tonj East appealed for humanitarian intervention.

“I know they are really suffering…we have nothing now to support them but we are talking to NGOs to help,” said Madiang Rou Riak.

Last month, at least 28 people died during clashes between soldiers and armed civilians in Tonj North County.

Those killed include; SSPDF Chief of Military Intelligence, Majors and Captains, three commanders, and the former Commissioner of Mayen Jur of the defunct Gogrial State, among others.

The skirmishes were reportedly triggered by a disarmament exercise in Arul village.