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Tonj North holds two suspected wife killers

Tonj North holds two suspected wife killers
Akoon Akot Wol and Teen Mawien beat their wives to death on Monday. They are being held at the Tonj North police station | Credit | Courtesy

Police in Tonj North County have detained two men accused of killing their wives in domestic violence incidents on Monday.

Crime officer Captain Manyok Ring Atem says the incidents were reported to them by relatives of the deceased.

One of the suspects identified as Akoon Akot Wol, aged 45, allegedly beat to death with a stick his wife Amel Muorwel Anei, aged 37 in Aliep Payam.

“The cause of the deaths is domestic violence. We are discouraging fighting between husband and wife because it affects children. Now they are the ones to suffer a lot because their mothers died,” Manyok told Mayardit FM.

Amel died as a breastfeeding mother of two-month-old baby, leaving behind all of her six children.

The other suspect, Teen Mawien punched to death his wife Nyigeng Deng, aged 39, on the same day, same payam.

Captain Manyok said they will be arraigned in court soon.

These are incidents of fatal domestic violence recorded by Warrap State authorities this week.

On Monday, a 50-year-old man was detained for killing his wife in Langic village in Gogrial East, over sorghum.