Tonj North holds man over Monday deadly shooting

Authorities in Tonj North County in Warrap State are holding a man suspecting of killing at least two people in the area on Monday.

The incident took place at Kuel Kuak around 8:30pm when Awet Aguil Madut opened fire, killing the two and wounding another, according a police officer.

The deceased are identified as Akuei Noon Akuei age, 36; and Aguok Aguer Ngang, 20. The injured is Bol Athuai Kuot, 20.

Tonj North County Crime Officer Captain Manyok Ring Akok told Mayardit FM that the prime suspect was later identified by the injured.

“The suspect immediately escaped, but he was arrested later after the injured man identified him, saying he saw him carrying a gun before he opened fire,” said Capt. Ring Manyok, police crime officer.

Capt. Manyok stated that the motive behind the killing remains unclear until the investigations are concluded.

He called upon the relatives of the deceased to remain calm as the authorities look into the matter.

Similar incidents continue to be reported on the area – a situation observers blame on the proliferation of firearms in the hands of civilians.