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Tonj North faces drug shortages

Tonj North faces drug shortages

Tonj North County in Warrap State is facing health crisis after 10 public health facilities ran out of essential medicines, an official has announced.

Dech Akot Dech, county health director, says the facilities include, Marial Luo Hospital and clinics in Akop, Awul , and Kirik.

“The last consignment was in June – drugs for three months. But they got finished before the time because the population this year is high,” Dech told Mayardit FM on Tuesday.

After the outbreak of the Sudanese conflict in Khartoum in April, thousands of South Sudanese refugees came back home as returnees, mostly in Warrap and Northern Bahr el Ghazal State.

He says the drug that are not in the facilities are anti-malarial, antibiotic, and paracetamol for both children and adult.

Due to the situation, Dech said doctors gives patients prescriptions only and direct them to buy drugs from private clinics.

The common diseases in the area are malaria, pneumonia, and typhoid among others.

“I am asking the ministry of health to supply the drugs on time, because this is the season for malaria,” Dech added.

In response, Dr Barac Malith Atem, minister of Health, said  his office was aware of the drug of shortage in some hospitals across state.

He says that they are engaging with national minister of ministry and partners to intervene with medication supply.

“I know this is the season for malaria and pneumonia; so, by next week maybe there will be drug consignment across the state,” Dr Malith stated.