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Tonj North cattle raid leaves 6 dead, 60 cattle raided

Tonj North cattle raid leaves 6 dead, 60 cattle raided

At least six people, including one woman, died in the latest cattle raiding attack in Nyang Looc village in Tonj County, Warrap State.

Police say the unknown armed group who attacked the village and made away with over 60 cattle has not been identified.

The village, they said, was attacked at night around 3 am while people were asleep, adding that some victims were killed in their sleep.

Col Mayen Chol Kuot, inspector of police in Tonj North County, stated that police were still gathering evidence to establish the whereabouts of the suspected raiders.

‘‘The suspected armed youth attacked a cattle camp, killed six people in their sleep, and drove away with over 60 cattle,” said Colonel Chol.

He went on to say they have not identified the raiders, and where they might have come from is still unknown.

Wednesday’s incident is the latest cattle-related attack that followed Sunday’s incident in Twic, where eight people were killed, nine wounded, and more than 250 cattle were raided in Aweng Payam.

The suspected culprits were alleged to have come from neighboring Unity state, a claim Mayardit FM has not independently verified.