Three succumb to dog bite in Yirol West

Police authorities in Lakes State have reported that three people have died of rabies in Yirol West County after a stray dog bit them Pane Kaar village nearly two weeks ago.

At least five people were bitten by the stray dog that day. They were rushed to a hospital in Yirol town, where doctors could not help them due to lack of vaccine.

This result in their death this week. The last of the three deceased died on Monday Evening.

Police identified two of the deceased as Machiek Bech,36; Adigo Jongkuch 31.

“In the recent months, a hyena was killed in Tiaptiap village in Cueibet. And when birds fed on it, 58 birds died. Now we suspect that animals around, including the dogs, are infected,” said Elijah Mabor, police spokesperson in Lakes State.

“We caution the people to refrain from eating any animal that received a bite from the dog until we find out what happened to dogs and the hyena.”

There have been increased reported cases of dog bite in the other parts of the country, including Warrap and Northern Bahr el Ghazal states.

This month, authorities in Awerial County reported 29 cases of dog bit with one death.

Earlier this month, the government of Warrap State approved an order to kill stray dogs in an attempt to protect public from rabies.

The move comes after 20 people were reportedly bitten by a stray dog in Tonj South County last week.

In August, some residents of Aweil town have called for the extermination of stray dogs that they say have gone wild by attacking people.

The calls were triggered by reports that at least 7 people were attacked by stray dogs in Maper West a week earlier.