Three killed in Rumbek North revenge attack

Police say at least three people have been killed in the related revenge attack over the weekend at Nyangkot village near Rumbek town, Lakes state.

This is the first such attack in nearly a year in the state.

According to the Inspector of Police in Rumbek North County, the killing is believed to have been triggered by the murder of 5 people from Nielniel section by Gaak section of Pakam in June this year.

James Nak said security forces have been instructed to apprehend all those involved in the fighting.

He said the attackers claimed they launched the revenge attack after the state government failed to punish 5 people accused of killing people in Nielniel in June.

The June fighting was over a girl who was eloped allegedly by some people from Nielniel section.

Lakes state citizens have enjoyed some form of relative peace since June 2021.

Activists attributed the improved security situation generally on the appointment of Governor Rin Tueny and his more robust enforcement of law and order.